PAINTING #4 – “the sailfish decided that Phileas Fogg had gone far enough”

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Here’s my most recent and fourth painting which I made for the gallery showing a few weeks back at Stolen and Escaped.

If you haven’t been to that gallery yet, you need to.  It’s really fun and there are some great artists being shown.  In fact, I purchased my first piece from the gallery last week.

At any rate, the new painting is called “the sailfish decided that Phileas Fogg had gone far enough”.  As mentioned in recent art publications in Salt Lake, it is fairly “irreverent”.

the sailfish decided that Phileas Fogg had gone far enough


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My favorite new image

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I love this painting from Matte Stephens.

It inspires me to do a lot more underwater pipe smoking\sea lion petting.  2010 is the year to do it.

I love the title below…

Check out more here :

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Painting #3 – ZEBRA BITE!!!

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So I had my first commissioned painting.  And when I say commissioned let me make it clear that I received no payment for this painting other than a high five.  Daryll is the hilarious daughter of my good friend Jenny and when Daryll saw my other paintings of animals attacking humans, she came back to me with her idea.

I can’t remember it verbatim, but she told me this with a straight face :

A zebra… Standing on its hind legs on top of the water… Holding a pirate ship in its front legs… It’s biting the front of the ship and it’s shaking out all of the pirates…

So I took that and totally painted it.  Here’s the result :



I showed this to Daryll and she smiled and said it was exactly what she had imagined.  BOOM!!!  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

I did receive feedback that there should be more pirates tumbling out.  Perhaps one or two holding to the edge of the boat for dear life.

I can add those.  I have a sharpie for drawing stick figures after all…

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Painting #2 – “The squid’s technique was stealth”

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I created my second painting a couple of weeks ago.  Although I don’t want to be categorized by a certain theme, I continued with that of sea creatures attacking humanity.

This one is called (for now) : “The squid’s technique was stealth”.

A few of the paints were very on sale at the supply store and I don’t think I will be using them again.  The squid’s eyes and some of the oil tanker SPLOSION were using these paints which were a bit runny and their colors didn’t seem to fit what I had in mind.

Still, I think I’m nearly ready to become a full-time artist.  Any day now…

The squids technique was stealth

"The squid's technique was stealth"

You may have a few questions about my work.

Q : Why are sea creatures attacking humanity?

Q : Will the human featured prominently in the center survive the attack?

Q : How can a squid remain on top of a cloud?

I don’t have answers to any of these, so I will leave them as exercises for the viewer.  If you figure any of these out, please let me know.



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Khaled Al Saai – Arabic Calligraphy

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I am more than a bit obsessed with Arabic calligraphy.  It’s so beautiful and I love the way each piece defines space on a page \ canvas.  I recently found an artist who appeals to my sense of color the way that Sam Flores and Marc Chagall do while also exploring space and depth.

His name is Khaled Al Saai and you can read \ see more about him here.  Khaled was born in Syria where he grew to be a master of painting and calligraphy.  In 1997 he was nominated as one of the top 10 calligraphers in the world.  His calligraphy becomes a complete scene.  The depth seems to stretch beyond the canvas as the letters overlap each other without end.  You can reach more of his work directly here.

I want to try this.  Can anyone suggest some good literature or poetry I can paint in Arabic?

Memory of Samarkand

Memory of Samarkand

The Sea

The Sea

Middle of Spring

Middle of Spring

Sunset in the Atlantic

Sunset in the Atlantic



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