Ignite Salt Lake

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Thursday night was the first night of IGNITE in Salt Lake City.  Anyone who didn’t make it should definitely consider coming next time (Spring 09) either to watch the presentations or give one themselves.

I was mainly there to hear Jared speak about the work that we did along with several other people on the Jellyfish12000.

But there were many other great presentations that lit my mind on fire.  It was great to hear from Adam Price who put together the 337 project. Check it out at http://www.337project.org/.  Anyone who missed this house transformed into a complete work of art in Salt Lake City missed out.  It was covered with graffiti and filled with interactive installations which reminded me of great interactive art I enjoyed at Le Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Finally there was a last minute presentation from Jason Alderman who did a talk about Processing which reminded me that after months of looking at other people’s creations in Processing that I should finally make my own.  So I ran home and made the LeafMonster creation you see in the post below this one.

So to learn more about Ignite Salt Lake and get involved, go to http://www.ignitesaltlake.com/.  You can see the presentations given last Thursday and you can get an idea for how it works.  Then give a presentation of your own.  If I can think of anything worthwhile I do I might do it myself, but so far I’m drawing a blank.


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Leaf Monster – My first Processing monster

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I just created my first Processing sketch for a gallery of “monsters” as a creative exercise in creating programmatic monsters.  The opening up of this gallery to any developers was the great idea of Lukas Vojir to create some kind of creature in black and white with some kind of interaction with the mouse.

You can see my LeafMonster here at http://rmx.cz/monsters/.

Leaf Monster

Leaf Monster

I would love to see more people using the Processing language \ environment.  It’s really easy to learn and it’s a lot of fun.  Learn more about it here at http://www.processing.org/.

To see some other amazing things that people have built, check out sites like these.  There are some brilliant people out there doing some beautiful things with this language :



If anyone has any questions about using Processing, please send me an email!

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