my first painting… “manta ray, laser eyes : killing a building”

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So I’ve finally made my first painting.  And I’m going to keep doing it.  I had a vision of this and I got together with some friends to have a painting night.  We were productive and we had a great time.

My first painting is called “manta ray, laser eyes : killing a building”.  I didn’t come up with the “killing a building” part but Dave did and it fits well.  Thanks Dave.

I don’t think it really needs any explanation.  The manta ray has his motives.  If you want to ask him, go ahead.  But be warned.

I really enjoyed painting with acrylics.   Now that I’ve got the stuff I want to try to do this at least every 2 weeks or so.   Will the ocean attack on land again?  We shall see…

manta ray, laser eyes : killing a building

"manta ray, laser eyes : killing a building"



  1. David said,

    Oh my God! That one stick figured man is all alone during such mayhem. Sad.

  2. Battle Bunny said,

    Best. Painting. Ever.

  3. Manna said,

    Strong work Kelly. Truly awe inspiring.

  4. lauren said,


  5. taranaki said,

    Kelly, I just built several canvases. No idea where to go from there. Love your site btw!

  6. chasingfamy said,

    Hi Kelly,

    I found your site while researching manta rays. Your painting is awesome and inspired me to take a different angle for my own project. Thanks for the lightbulb!

    J. Ray

  7. Michael Fierce said,

    I know no one has commented on your painting in a few yrs but, like someone else said, I found it while searcing for Manta Ray monsters. I love it!!!! I only wish I had a better pic of it straight on, since the pic here is a little askew. BUT! It’s great!

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