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Me in Taxco, Mexico

Me in Taxco, Mexico

I am a Software Developer living in Salt Lake City.  I love sound, linguistics, programming, travelling and getting involved with projects involved with any of these.

To contact me, send me an email to slickkelly -at- hotmail.com



  1. Amie Tullius said,

    love it, Kel. I’m so excited you’ve got a blog!



  2. Dodo said,

    Taxco is gorgeous, and you’re not bad yourself 😉 Thanks for the Aleph!

  3. Betty Moffett, MBA said,

    Hi Dr. Wilkin

    My name is Betty Moffett and you wrote an article about Tacos Don Martin back in 2009. I have become friends with the owner Juanita and I am trying to help her create a menu. She was asking me if we can change the phone number. I have been helping our community since 2006 and this is what I do.
    Legal Advocate 2006-Present

    Serve the Salt Lake City community by assisting low-income and Hispanic citizens with cumbersome and confusing legal processes. Prepare paperwork and set up initial consultation with carefully chosen attorney who works on a low-fee basis. Advocate for client throughout the process, including attending all court proceedings and meetings, and interpreting when needed.

    Significant Accomplishment:

    Assisted approximately 20 citizens over a 4-year period, all completely free of charge.


    I want to help Juanita so that one day she can have her business inside the SUGARHOLE. She is a US Resident and I think with the support in the community someday my dream will become true.

    I am working on her menu and as soon as I get it ready I will let you know.

    If you wish to contact me my email is b.moffett@yahoo.com and my phone number is 801-462-1150


    Betty Moffett

  4. Betty Moffett, MBA said,

    One more comment.
    I do not affiliate with any non-profit organization, religion or any specific group of individuals. I believe that everyone in this world is equal. I have done this work on my own and the people I help come from all different backgrounds.


    Betty Moffett, MBA

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