Jellyfish 12000 at Poor Yorick’s Open Studio

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I have been looking forward to a moment like this for quite some time.  A project I worked on is being shown at my favorite art gallery here in Salt Lake.

I have worked on a 2+ year large scale multimedia art project with some friends which is a giant moving piece of steel from the future.  It calls itself the “Jellyfish from the year 12,000”.  This beast is a work of steel which is covered in shimmering materials and thousands of LED lights.  These LEDs are programmed so that they can be controlled by a person on a touchscreen, or from audio or from computer generated animations.


I personally contributed in some of the software which controls this lighting system and it’s a project that I am very proud of.  There were a lot of people with a huge amount of talent and expertise who worked on this and since it’s always hard for me to describe what this project really IS, please click here to watch a video and see for yourself :

Here are the details on the gallery showing this weekend :

Poor Yorick’s Studio
126 West Crystal Ave (2590 South)
Friday Sept 25 from 6-10 pm
Saturday Sept 26 from 1-5 pm


There are  a lot of people I have tried to explain this project to, so I hope to see all of you at this event.

Also, check out more about the Jellyfish12000 at this properly named website on the Electric Internet :

For more information about Poor Yorick’s Studios, go here :

P.S. I finished another painting.  I’ll post it next week…


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